Fin Simonetti

Pledge, an exhibition staged by Fin Simonetti, first implicates thoughts of social ritual, fraternal initiations, national allegiance, and sterility with the sting of cleaning supply. From these unsettling bearings we enter a starkly laid mise- en-scene of artifacts, in which Simonetti examines both male pain and male absence with tenderness, alienation, and humor.
The delicately balanced sculptures signal alarm. A marble fire extinguisher’s purpose is imbued with duality as both a mark of emergency and security. Disney-like electric candles stand erect in a nostalgic, yet uneasy calm—a single drip hangs like a tear or a pearl of cum. Canine paws, a prevalent motif in Simonetti’s work, are dismembered from the body with claws extended, prompting a confusion of perception. Are we witness to violence inflicted or exacted? Simonetti entombs these complicated multitudes in the bright gleam of cold stone.

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Apr 11 2019

Time Out

Fin Simonetti, “Pledge”

Jun 11 2019


Artist Fin Simonetti Explores Male Pain with Alabaster


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