Palm Crest & Suites
Paul Kopaku

Company Gallery is pleased to present Palm Crest & Suites, a solo exhibition by Paul Kopkau. Referring, in its title, to the name of a fictional, aspirational housing complex, Kopkau’s new body of sculptural wall pieces, which are structured serially around several decorative motifs, including the Four Seasons hotel logo and a Clipart cityscape, are concerned with transient and temporary urban spaces created in dialogue with personal interpretations of luxury.

Kopkau’s new work—presented here in a carpeted installation—deconstructs and scatters these motifs across a range of serialized wall pieces that collapse the relaxed interiority of a hotel and the sobering thriftiness of a motel with the contemporary domesticity of a modernist apartment, an operation that refers, in part, to the new capitalist measure of temporary domestic space and rentability, pioneered by Airbnb and other peer-to-peer lodging networks, where the visual and economic notion of the hotel becomes mixed up with the decorative permanence of ownership. In Kopkau’s work, this collapse scrambles the normal signifiers of domestic urban space—views of the city, in particular—into a darkly Gotham abstraction.

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