Massage Near Me
Evelyn Taocheng Wang

After Lisa found out my age, she burst into laughter and stopped: “Oh my dear, you can be my auntie now! I really don’t understand you. I don’t get it. I feel ... I feel that you are so alone, almost like a female version of the Himalayas ... I mean ... here and now, Yang, Lucy, we all have relationships and love ... and you are so beautiful .... your life would be much easier if you had a boyfriend who could help you out ... do you know that? You should really think about it. Everything that I’m striving for is a settled down life: a nice house, a nice country, a nice man, nice money ... I don’t get you, Tao! Thirty-four years old and you still do massage with us?”

I work at a Chinese massage salon in Amsterdam. Growing up, I never would have imagined that I would do a mas- sage job to make a living. I think this job (since it is seen as a very low one) is for someone who uses their full identity because the communication / connection between people is based on touch rather than polite, daily conversation. The client will always know if the masseuse is focused on who she is massaging or not. He will know whether or not she is a professional. Should I continue for another half hour or not? he will think. Is she in a good mood? Is she sexy? Is she relaxed or nervous?

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