Dolphin Rock
Sergei Tcherepnin

In 2015 Sergei Tcherepnin encountered a family of dolphins while swimming at the Place of Refuge, and it was the most magical moment of his life. He spent days looking at the underwater world and took photos.
In 2018 Sergei flew to New Zealand to observe birds. He went all over the coast and on an island that is a natural reserve for birds that are close to extinction. The Moa is already extinct, this bird was close to dinosaurian, a kind of ostrich, with a long trachea organ that finishes in a spiral in the chest, and that became the starting point to the shape of one of his sculptures. The genetic rescue project based on this island is beginning the process of cloning several species. Today, the Kokako is in danger, and they are trying to rescue it.
Sergei played the bird recordings back on his computer, he took his Serge modular synthesizer to clone their songs, and for the first time, started to sing. In New Zealand, he played the real songs and the cloned ones, so the clones became an echo, a strange double. Here he develops versions of these organ sculptures. Motion sensitive shapes that make sounds and flickering lights, including their environment, the position of the body, sonar orientation, song circulation in air and water. Relationships defined by distance, a heartbeat that accelerates when you come closer. Songs through bodies.

- Jeanne Graff

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