Group Show

TM Davy, Hayden Dunham, Ayana Evans, Raúl de Nieves, Jasmine Nyende, Lila de Magalhaes, Will Sheldon, Fin Simonetti, Keijaun Thomas, Sarah Zapata, Cajsa von Zeipel
Boundaries that define us

And the holding we give to others
A concept in hand
Liquid in practice
Material in knowledge
I imagine my experiences as much as they are created
Asking an artist about reality is asking smoke to rise
Gravity will tell it better than words
Or ashes in the wind
The flame doesn’t have the same language as the smoke
But the border of burning releases something tangible
For however long it dances
Gives in a world that accepts through learning in a reality that won’t
Under the light of the destructive loop
A harsh power that gets to the root
The substance of choice made physical
in the opulence of darkness
of everything we touch

- Jasmine Nyende

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May 25 2018


Company "Altered"

Jun 6 2018

Art Viewer

Altered at Company


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