Heike-Karin Foell, Marie Karlberg, Eric Mack


April 10 - May 10, 2015

Opening Reception: April 10, 6 - 8PM

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False Impressions Fostered by Fragmentary Exhibits

—Environment as Important as Handicraft

—Works Viewed as Records of Character—

Importance of Clean Cutting


Fig. 66—The object in collecting together these sketches should mainly to collect a variety of ideas to brighten the mind. They plan to give your own fanciful nature a very necessary point of vantage from which it may hazard flights of its own.


“We were basically grown ups / I mean we had no / institutional affiliation to one another.” She laughed as she rounded the corridor, a whirlwind in a white cap perched precariously on short touseled blonde hair, freckled face looking much too young for the uniform she wore. Many a flock includes a black sheep and the churches are no exception. But few clerical sheep have been blacker, few sinners in surplices have a record to match that of those who stand accused.


The nurses’ dormitory, that staid-looking, many-storied building near the hospital. Silent, impersonal, with blank, staring windows. What kind of women live here? What really goes on inside?


Misproportion Not Essential to the Expression of

Laughter—The Same Grotesque Contemptible

—A True Sense of Humour Helpful to the



Fig. 43—“Men want me, but trout fear me,” she mused. “What could have induced me to treat our dainty little gentleman thus?” The town was arranged in an amphitheater, its houses spiraling down to the green in the center. They were all allocated these houses in the town of the future. One cheerful home and vegetable garden to each blushing citizen. She looked very crisp and fresh in her immaculate white uniform, her jaunty little cap perched atop her brown curly hair. Her blue eyes were narrowed and sinister as she surveyed the scene before her.


“I should advise not you to imitate this naïve way out of difficulty,” her smile didn’t reach her eyes. “My compact mirror will always catch sight of you.” The childlike simplicity of anyone’s treatment fails in any utopia. Conscious effort can end only in affectation.


The Introduction of Animal Forms—Rude Vitality

better than Dull “Natural History”—“Action” —The

Male Model: Its Use and Abuse


Fig. 97—Its smooth roundness is very appropriate to the position it occupies. Its polished surface bears ample testimony. It has given every offense to the touch of the many hands which have each rested teasingly upon it.


— Trisha Low