Soaked: A Performance Series

May 25 - May 29, times vary

Opening Reception: May 25, 6 - 9pm

Curated by Whitney Vangrin




Wednesday, May 25, 6 – 9pm

  • Dachi and Candice Williams
  • Whitney Vangrin

Friday, May 27, 6 – 9pm

  • Bebe Yama with Carl Mitchell, Will DiMaggio and Ryan Caruso
  • HELP
  • Roxy Farman

Sunday, May 29, 3 – 6pm

  • Jackie Mason
  • Aurel Haize Odogbo
  • Natasha Stagg
  • Bunny Rogers
  • Marcelline Mandeng
  • Ana Božičević

Catering provided by Toad Style.


ANA BOŽIČEVIĆ was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Božičević emigrated to New York City in 1997 and studied at Hunter College. She is the author of several chapbooks, including Morning News (2006) and Document (2007). Her first book-length collection, Stars of the Night Commute (2009) was Lambda Literary Award finalist, and her second book Rise in the Fall (2013) won a Lambda Literary Award.


DACHI COLE (Oxon Hill, Maryland) is a multi media artist. Her work is inspired by the deconstruction of 3D and multidimensionality. She is interested in weaving new storylines and building on the complexities of our current templates. Using video, textiles and technology to express her reoccurring themes of consciousness expansion. Cole is intrigued by the dynamics within hyperspace. She believes that by following new patterns subjective narratives can reset. In the recognition of symbolic acts one can revive synchronous selves, which become refreshed so that healing can take place. She is a member of the HDYSIA? collective and has exhibited her art work in group exhibitions with the collective in The Whitney Biennial Good Stock on the Dimension Floor : An Opera, 2014. as well as NO HUMANS INVOLVED, 2015 at the Witte de With: Center for Contemporary Art, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Dachi Cole currently lives and works in New York.


ANGELINA DREEM (@simulacraycray) is an artist working primarily in performance and social sculpture. Creating her own form of ‘cyber-shamanism’, she pulls from self-help, mysticism, and theory to create safe space with her performances, music, and curation. She has performed at Art Basel Miami, MoMaPS1, Idio Gallery and more. Her most notable project, Powrplnt, provides digital art access to all from a plant filled gallery space in Bushwick. Her work attempts to build social frameworks to cradle the emotional fallout of technological singularity. She recently began playing the saxophone and working in ceramics.


ROXY FARMAN is an artist based in New York working across medium. She is ½ of the collaborative music project WETWARE with Matthew Morandi.


FLUCT is the merging of performance artists Monica Mirabile and Sigrid Lauren working in Brooklyn, NY. Their work addresses issues related to sexuality, control and technology in American society. With their minds consumed by saturated commercial media they are interested in exposing the glitch that becomes a product of the familial and corporate codes that are absorbed through interacting with culture as well as the effect these systems have on identity. Fluct’s provocative performances, video work and choreography has been seen in over 60 venues internationally and has been recognized by numerous Museums including The Baltimore Museum of Art and The Queens Museum. Their work has been reviewed by Purple, Incident, The Coven, and others. They have produced three of their own large scale choreographed productions, collaborate with touring musicians including Pictureplane and MNDR as well as run a performance/dance space in the neighborhood of Bushwick in NY.


HELP a collaborative music project between Angelina Dreem and Whitney Vangrin.


MARCELLINE MANDENG (b. Yaounde, Cameroon 1993) is a multimedia conceptual artist working in Baltimore, MD and living in Philadelphia, PA. A recently naturalized citizen and 2015 graduate from the Maryland Institut College’s Interdisciplinary Sculpture Department, their work situates itself within the marriages of performance, autonomous sculptural props and archival methods such as printed media and sound.


JACKIE MAYLEE MASON (Jackie Malie Mason) is an American actress, comedian and writer. Jackie was born in Hawaii and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She began acting, dancing, playing soccer, paint balling and most high energy activities immediately.  I’m talking straight out of the womb. After starring in various productions, plays and dance shows, she began studying acting, writing and comedy further. Jackie, now living in Los Angeles, creates her own content such as The Fabulous Monk (TNT) and Walkin to School (Funny or Die). Jackie also works with animation and bizarre shorts, such as Grandmother’s Doorbell and Cereal Chillerz. Jackie also performs stand-up at venues such as Comedy Store, Flappers, Improv and beyond.


LEIGHA MASON is a painter and filmmaker. Mason is interested in the physical manifestations of the body within its social contexts: at times a diseased vessel in revolt, a mutable flesh within a mythological narrative, or a consumptive organ growing at the world’s expense. Mason’s imagery includes Dionysian Banquets (with fruits and vegetables in various stages of freshness and decay), landscapes (desert, volcano, glaciers, caves, ice), and the human body.


BUNNY ROGERS is an artist and poet born in Houston, Texas in 1990. Recent exhibitions include Questions on Ice at Generation Works (Tacoma, WA, USA) and If I Die Young at 319 Scholes (Brooklyn, NY, USA). Her books include Cunny and My Apologies Accepted.


SADAF (Sadaf Nava) is an Iranian born, New York City-based performance artist and musician with deep roots in the NYC and Montreal DIY/noise scenes. SADAF’s visuals, sonics, and confrontational performative tactics confound and upend the inward-looking affect inherent to contemporary performance art, simultaneously drawing from and subverting the language of advertising, celebrity, and the gaze. Sadaf and has presented work at 47 Canal, Performa, Issue Project Room, Grace Exhibition Space; Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Canadian Center for Architecture; Nexus Cultural Center, Beijing. Her work has been featured in i-D, FADER, EditorialMask, and the Guardian (UK).


NATASHA STAGG is a senior editor at the fashion magazines V and VMAN. She has received a Hopwood Award for nonfiction and the Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship and the James H. Robertson Award for fiction. Her essays have appeared in Dis magazine, Dazed, Kaleidoscope, Riot of Perfume, Sex, The Brooklyn Rail, and Bomb. She lives in Brooklyn. Her first novel, Surveys, was published by Semiotext(e) this year.

AUREL HAIZE ODOGBO is an artist based in NYC who’s work deals with recontextualizingher lived experiences, perspectives on bodies, the world, the past, and the future into mythological contexts through performance, drawings, and prose poems. The order of the event will be:


WHITNEY VANGRIN is an artist based in New York, working across mediums with an emphasis on performance. Equal parts physical and psychological, her performances question perceptions of authenticity, while making allusions to film, religion, dance, and structures of the body. In performance, the reality of the performer’s body and emotion is situated in a scene that hinges upon realism and construction. Vangrin was a founder and director of 1:1, a NYC non-profit arts space project. Her work has been shown at the MOMA PS1, Issue Project Room, ICA London, among other locations around the United States and abroad.

CANDICE WILLIAMS (b. Ann Arbor, MI) is a multimedia artist. Her artistic process is characterized by an explorative approach into everyday life and its objects as a starting point in an environment in which transmutation plays a dynamic role. The mundane object is dismantled from its normal function and applied in her works towards challenging our seemingly concrete reality. By taking daily life as subject, Williams creates work depicting the ineffable atmosphere and emotionality within moments. She offers a sensorial link between author and audience, perhaps a memory as trigger, to point the viewer toward the boundary between the ever-present present and that which is not yet known.Williams’ artwork is notable for its multi layering approach as experimental techniques are applied in a realm where sculpture, fiber, sound and digital media intermix evoking a spirit of multiplicity within existence. This is of great importance as it also bears witness to the intricate quality of her work in which a laborious process becomes an act of meditation. She has exhibited her work in various group exhibitions including as a member of HOWDOYOUSAYYAMINAFRICAN? collective in Good Stock on the Dimension Floor: An Opera, 2014 at the Whitney Biennial and No Humans Involved, 2015 at Witte de With: Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Candice Williams currently lives and works in New York, NY.


BÉBÉ YAMA is the alias of a New York-based multimedia artist. Her primary interests include gestural persona, sonic environment, and an immersive experience/fluctuating boundary for the viewer. She has orchestrated performances in a range of venues such as a sports complex, a courtroom, and the Detroit Masonic Temple.