Marie Karlberg and Cajsa von Zeipel

New Paintings

May 6 - May 22

Opening Reception: May 6, 7 - 9pm

Welcome to Strap-On Projects’ inaugural exhibition, “New Paintings,” featuring solo works by Marie Karlberg and Cajsa von Zeipel. I’ll be frank, it’s cheeky title. There’s not so many paintings on view. Rather, upon attendance, one will find works that play with the sexuality of posture and its presentation within cultural space. This of course has … ahem … cheeky … results.


Karlberg presents a series of series. The first is a series of miniature beds peopled by sweetly crude, pre- (or is it post-) coital metropolitan couples. The second is a series of eggs and phalluses whose compositional strategy is arguably analogous to that of a spreading plague. Lastly, a series of Epoxy-Resin garments seasoned with a delightfully ridiculous assortment of jewels, beads, ribbons and foodstuffs magnificently haunt the human form as a phantasmagoria of sexual appetites.


Meanwhile, Von Zeipel’s sculptural girls are exploring looks that are a little less done up, letting the assembled material that they are hang a little bit more loose. Mops for bangs, drywall for that come-hither leg lilt and, perhaps most notably, a corncob for a non-barnyard cock. Of course, roosters get their due in a work that sees an otherwise chrome-dome’d femme sporting a cock’s comb as she rides…or more figurally is some fabulous mingling of a motorcycle and an exhibition plinth. Without a doubt, we’ve all used “riding” as a turn of phrase for one of the best parts of sex and, given the hormonally-principled works on view, Von Zeipel presents another rider, this one manipulating an impossible machine.


—Sam Pulitzer